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Exclusive Interview with Helen Ting

Helen Ting
(International Dj and Producer)

If music is an expression of the soul, then Helen Ting (Kazukuta Records) is an expression of Music. Her siren sounds and sexy persona have consistently hypnotized crowds all across the world. Any musical traveler who comes to Hong Kong will find themselves drawn to Helen's signature blend of Deep Soulful Afro House as she performs as the resident DJ for HK's top tiered venues: Dragon-I, Mandarin Landmark's Mo Bar, and Ritz Carlton's Ozone - the highest bar in the world.

Literally standing at the upper echelon of Hong Kong's musical hierarchy. Helen has now found herself broadening her horizons by performances outside of Asia, New York, San Diego, Atlanta, Boston, Miami Winter Music Conference 2012-2014 and Mi Casa Es Su Casa Music Festival 2012, and 2013 in Mexico, as well as constantly finding herself behind the decks for international VIP gigs held by global brands such as Nokia, Jimmy Choo, and Audemars Piguet.

This being said, as the Darling of the HK night scene takes this path, it is without a doubt that wherever Helen goes, her fans will follow this musical journey.

MzHouse Diva:  When did you get started in the music scene?

Helen Ting:  2000, partying every week and I always loved house music.

MzHouse Diva:  How did you get into djing?

Helen Ting:   I learned it but didn't actually think I was going to be a full time DJ. I just loved doing it.

MzHouse Diva:  What was the first record you bought?

Helen Ting:  LOL. Louie Vega!!!

MzHouse Diva:  What was your first paid DJing gig?

Helen Ting:  At Tivo Bar in Hong Kong

MzHouse Diva:   How would you describe your DJing/production style to people?

Helen Ting:  My style is deep soulful Afro house.

MzHouse Diva:  When did you first full in love with house music?

Helen Ting:   Since 2001 at the Kee Club in Hong Kong and DJ Vinnie Quek was playing.

MzHouse Diva:  What draws you to the deeper, soulful side of House? Why has it often been overlooked by mainstream audiences yet thrives underground and how can that be changed to reach a broader base?

Helen Ting:   Black Coffee!!! LOL...and DJeff Afrozila of course. Even though it is a global scene, unfortunately there isn't the same financial backing as other styles of music. To reach a broader base -- I'm not sure. That's the million dollar question.

MzHouse Diva:  Who were some of your musical influences?

Helen Ting:  DJeff Afrozila and Hallex M

MzHouse Diva:  Who are some of the artists in the music industry, would you like to work with in the future if given the opportunity?
Helen Ting:  Wow! Lots of people: Black Motion, Mi Casa, Louie Vega, Boddhi Satva, Zepherin Saint....

MzHouse Diva:  Do you play any musical instruments?

Helen Ting:  LOL. I did play piano when I was younger, but I do really want to pick it up again.

MzHouse Diva:  What is your most memorable moment in your career?

Helen Ting:  Wow… There are so many. I would have to say when I played at Mi Casa Holiday. I was so honored, happy and shocked when Djeff asked me to be under Kazukuta. Another memorable moment was when I booked DJeff to play in Hong Kong.

MzHouse Diva:  What was the best advice that was given to you?

Helen Ting:  Huh. For DJing . . . Huh…. That's a hard question. But I would have to say to listen and be open to different kinds of music. It is also important to be eclectic.

MzHouse Diva:  What is your inspiration, and what pushes you to do new work?

Helen Ting:   I love the sound of house music and the way it makes me feel.

MzHouse Diva:  When you aren’t busy DJing and producing; what do you like to do in your free time?

 Helen Ting:  Go to the beach in the summer, hang out with friends, and  I also stay home to do homework and chill.

MzHouse Diva:  How do you feel about House Music becoming more digital? Do you think that hurt or help the house music industry?

Helen Ting:   I don't want to say its better or worse, it's just different. When I look at it, I can see some good and some bad. So there's parts that hurt and some that help the house music industry.

MzHouse Diva:  What are some of the house tracks that you are really feeling right now?

Helen Ting:  Black Motion ft Nape Leon - Fly Away Djeff Afrozila feat .Tchoboly - MINHA VIZINHA (Main Mix) Souldynamic, Miranda Nicole - Trust (Mix 3) Monocles, Slezz, Helen Ting - My Hometown (Kojo Akusa Chowmein Mix) Culoe De Song - Journey Of Love feat Thandi Draai Zepherin Saint ft Sonny Harrelson - Make A Better Life (Tribe Vocal Mix) Roland Clark - Simple Things ( Joe Clausell’s  Sacred Rhythm Remix) ......!

MzHouse Diva:  What advice would you give to ‘up and coming’ female DJs?

Helen Ting:   Be humble and support those you love, and they will show you the same in return.
MzHouse Diva:  What were some of the challenges you faced coming up in a male-dominated field?

Helen Ting:   I don't think it was a challenge. I really don't think so. I just did what I loved and showed this love to others, and I feel like the love came back around.

MzHouse Diva:   What do you think of the female DJ demographic. Will we see some growth in the coming years?

Helen Ting:  Absolutely..I'm not sure about overseas, but in Hong Kong it is coming up for female DJs here. Even models want to be DJs in HK right now.

MzHouse Diva:  If you could change one thing about the house music industry, what would it be?

Helen Ting:  I would want to be able to bring more house music DJs from all over the world to play in Hong Kong. Unfortunately there is only a small group of people that like deep soulful afro house music here.  I want people to be exposed to more house music DJs and producers here.

MzHouse Diva:  Would you like to pick out your best DJ set for 2014 so far?

Helen Ting:  Funkbox in New York City
MzHouse Diva:  In which club and country have you met the most expressive and up for it crowd?
Helen Ting:  At the Roots NYC party at Cielo nightclub in New York earlier this year. It was right after WMC and Frankie Knuckles just passed away. Louie and David Morales were doing a heart felt tribute to Frankie that touched everyone's soul. 

MzHouse Diva:  Do you think to become a well-known DJ, having a certain image and style helps as well?

Helen Ting:  Absolutely...Individuality and having your own style helps you to stand out.

MzHouse Diva:  Do you think you have a consistent sound that ties everything you do together?

Helen Ting:  Not necessarily a sound, but more so the soulful feeling, I get when hearing house music. House music just hits your soul and your body in a way that keeps you excited and helps your energy keep flowing positively.

MzHouse Diva:  What do you see in the future of house music?

Helen Ting:   I think it's going to keep growing and growing.

MzHouse Diva:  How would you like to see your music career in a few years from now?

Helen Ting:  I would like to DJ in more different counties. Maybe I will be able to have my first tour.

MzHouse Diva:  Can you tell us about your future plans or Have you any plans (personal or business) that you can share with goals?

Helen Ting:   I am learning to produce now, so I would love to produce more and collaborate with more producers in the future.

MzHouse Diva: I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and doing this interview for the blog.

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