Thursday, August 1, 2013

Big Time (Remix) J-Skilz & D-Mass Spins & Needles

 The Big Time Remix EP is a special funky house project that builds on the debut track by DJs/producers J-Skilz and D-Mass. It features remixes from three of the best independent funky house producers  in the business today:
  • Wayne Brett (LoFrequency radio show / Flosshatt Recordings / OXO / Funk Mansion) (UK)
  • Doc Manny (House Call Records / OXO / Midwest Hustle Records (Portland)
  • Ignacio Robles (Caliber Sounds, H.A.R.D., Funk Mansion, House Call, Juiced, Cabbie Hat) (Argentina)
You’ll also find a revised edit of the original by Greg Records, who did the mastering on the release, also included.
The original was released on the Caliber Sounds Miami Sampler last spring. Click on the link below and get your purchase TODAY

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