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Anane Vega/Frequencies of Offering

Get Lifted 82 - Lady Duracell

Get Lifted 82 - Lady Duracell

Dj Renay/Soulful House 6-29-12 Part 2

Dj Housecat/Soul Oasis Cyberjamz Set 7-9-12

Dj Petite/Soul Seductive Sessions Vol 15 Deep Soulful Afro House

Soul Seductive Sessions Vol 15 Deep Soulful Afro House

Donna Edwards/Shades of Dance live Midday Mix @ 7/10/2012!

Shades of Dance live Midday Mix @ 7/10/2012!

Celestethedj Alexander/The Celestial Odyssey 6-2-12

Esmoove pres. The Jazz Cats feat. Melanie Ware - Boom Bap - - Download Underground House and Electronic Music in WAV and MP3 format

Esmoove pres. The Jazz Cats feat. Melanie Ware - Boom Bap - - Download Underground House and Electronic Music in WAV and MP3 format

Dj Craig Alexander/House Is........

House Is........

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Aphreme Octave Moods (International Dj and Producer)

Aphreme is a deep,soulful House Composer/Producer/Arranger and DJ born in Katowice,Poland in 1979. In private life he's a friendly person and a Sade fan. He was grew up on Soul,Disco,and Funky music played on his parent's turntable and was very excited for the good groovy records from 70's as a little child. Music is always a beautiful gift from God for him that he's deeply feels and loves from heart. Aphreme started his dj experience in 1998 in some local House clubs, it was a fruitful year for him to start grow as a producer and realize his own visions in the art of electronic music. His first productions were created on sounds based on the legendary dx7 synthesizer. His inspiration was supported by fascination of early 90'S Chicago House gems but mostly he draws his creativity from life.

MzHouse Diva:  When did you get started in the music scene?

It was 1998 when I started creating my first sounds; I use to learn these things on my low budget setup. So basically, I've had limited possibilities to get started as music producer. As for the presence on the underground music market, my first track was released on compilation in 2004 so actually 6 years since I've put my first step on production ground.

MzHouse Diva:  How did you get into djing?

I've always been very fascinated by the whole process of using records to create unique collages based on various moods that every single vinyl contains. Also, I was very impressed by visual aspects of this art, I've found the passion in it. I started collecting records in 1997 and obviously added them to my 70's collection that I had already on board. I' worked in dj shop, so I had possibilities to practice my skills step by step on professional equipment.

MzHouse Diva:  What was the first record you bought?

It was JT Company featuring Greg G. - You Got, house record released in 1993.

MzHouse Diva:  What was your first paid djing gig?

I remember it was at a local chamber club and that was the first club that I got paid. I had really great time there.

MzHouse Diva:   How would you describe your djing style to people?

I can't find any description for the music I spin, I try not to be in any convention, but for sure mainly vocal house but there are also many various styles in electronic music that I play, so basically just good music.

MzHouse Diva:  When did you first full in love with house music?

In the  80's during my vacation in Germany was when I heard first vocal house tracks in my uncle’s car on the radio station addressed to US Army soldiers based on these territories.

MzHouse Diva: What are the differences between the House music Scene in Europe vs. United States?

There's a fundamental difference between European and US House scene, in Europe people know less about what House music really is and many people in Europe define these commercial club creations as House. They don’t have any certain feature in common, US scene has a different level since it started there and grew up there on the Black American music history ground.

MzHouse Diva: If given the opportunity, where would you love to play at?

There are many places I would love to play; no doubt it should be an exotic place with a fantastic vibe!

MzHouse Diva:   Who were some of our djing musical influences?

Underground music is the most inspiring thing and is also the reason that I got involved in production. The world has plenty of beautiful talents and it's really hard to find the musician who will be the favorite one ....honestly, I can give examples of some outstanding legends like Glenn Underground, Moodymann, Ron Trent, Anthony Nicholson, they are always most inspiring musicians.

MzHouse Diva:   Who are some of the artists in the music industry, would you like to work with in me future if given the opportunity?

If I would have such an opportunity, there are some great vocalists that I would love to work with Duane Harden or Byron Stingily.

MzHouse Diva: What is your most memorable moment in your career?

I guess it was Traxsource TOP 10 success of my single "Take Your Heart" with JSOUL, in result of it Seasons Limited pressed great 12" of the song and I was very proud to work with such great producers and remixers featured on this release.

MzHouse Diva:  What was the best advice that was given to you?

I don’t remember any concrete advice regarding music that would stick out in my mind, but we always have good angels all around us serving good advices that are helpful to choose a right decision.

MzHouse Diva:  How did you get into producing?

I remember when I bought my first synthesizer and it was the legendary Yamaha dx7, I was sampling and experimenting on this instrument in a sequence with Atari ST computer and for some reason I didn't find anything much more fascinating than creating music process, I'm still feeling this thing and spending hours to give something from myself.

MzHouse Diva:  When you aren’t busy djing and promoting; what do you like to do in your free time?

I like to meet with friends from my area and I also spend time playing basketball or having couple of beers (hahaha), I do really like good beer.

MzHouse Diva:  How do you feel about House Music becoming more digital? Do you think that hurt or help the house music industry?

There are some positive aspects of digital markets; for sure availability of the music is one, everyone is now able to find quickly demanded positions in any genre, but digitalization takes
responsibility of failure in the analog industry which was the main source of the music. I can honestly say that the music was much more respected in the past. Physical contact with the media brought us listeners to a greater level. In present time everything looks totally different and it doesn't mean better, piracy is one of those bad things.

MzHouse Diva: What are some of the house tracks that you are really feeling right now?

Mmelashon-I Am Blessed (Glenn Underground Dancers Mix)

MzHouse Diva:  If you could change one thing about the house music industry, what would it be?

I would switch off the entire digital world and I would focus on 100% reality: lack of technology definitely means more creativity (hahaha)

MzHouse Diva:  What do you see in the future of house music?

I'm not a prophet but I wish that something good has already started, let’s go in a right direction.

MzHouse Diva:  Can you tell us about your future plans or Have you any plans (personal or business) that you can share with goals?

My personal goal is to be a better person than I am at the present moment and to follow the way of Jesus so anything else will be on the right place.

MzHouse Diva:  Is there anything else, you would like to share with us?

I would like to thank you for the interview and all of my great fans who supporting me big time. God Bless You

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I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.
It’s been a pleasure. Peace.Love..House..#MzHouse Diva


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