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d train - you're the one for me (kung fu mix)

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Sound Syndicate - When Love Comes - - Download Underground House and Electronic Music in WAV and MP3 format

Following up his Top 10 hit Love 2 Love U Baby, Sound Syndicate delivers another booty shakin, funky ass feel-good groove that every DJ and HouseHead will love! Exclusively available @TraxSource (WE ARE HOUSE)!
Sound Syndicate - When Love Comes - - Download Underground House and Electronic Music in WAV and MP3 format

"House Grooves Vol. 2" mixed by DJ PHONZ (THE ARCHITECT)

"House Grooves Vol. 2" mixed by DJ PHONZ (THE ARCHITECT)


K'Alexi Shelby/Tec Soul Deep Delux Radio 2

The Sef Sessions - Afro Deep Special

The Sef Sessions - Afro Deep Special

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Sadar Bahar/ Soul in the Hole 2004

Sadar Bahar/ Soul in the Hole 2004

Phillip Swint/ a soulful mixx in may

a soulful mixx in may

Exclusive Interview with The Legendary K'Alexi Shelby

 Mr. K Alexi Shelby
DJ / Producer / Entertainer
Like a moth drawn to a flame, there is something utterly infectious about the music of Mr.K-Alexi Shelby, better known as K'Alexi; one of the founding fathers of house music direct from his home city of Chicago. Since the late 1980s, he has pioneered the true house sound, leading to a DH and production career spanning over 20 years, including collaborations with artists ranging from The Pet Shop Boys to Derrick May and from Larry Heard and Felix Da Housecat to Will Smith, as well as gigs across the globe.

MzHouse Diva:  When did you get started in the music scene?

I don’t want to give my age away, let’s just say I was very young.

MzHouse Diva:  When did you first fall in love with house music?

I grew up with guys that were into house and it was no choice. A pivotal point that also helped me fall in love with house was when I went to the New Music Box and saw Ron Hardy play Cloud with sound effect and strobes, and that was it for me. It seemed like it was raining inside in the Box. Ron Hardy was an entertainer. I entertain. I don’t dj. I get high off that.

MzHouse Diva:   Who were some of our musical influences?

Some of my musical influences are Ron Hardy, Michael Jackson, Loleatta Holloway, I’m a huge Prince fan, Mr. Lee, Earth, Wind and Fire, Anita Baker, Sade and the list goes on.

MzHouse Diva: How did you get into djing?

My cousin was a dj and I was a dancer.  One night out dancing, I did the helicopter and hit my ankle. After that accident, I decided to become a dj because I was too tall to be a dancer. Plus the dj’s got the girls and I wanted the girls; so my dj career began.

MzHouse Diva:   How would you describe your djing style?

My style is unorthodox, yet classic because K’Alexi is classic. I guess I play what’s in my soul,the party-goers that I play for usually, have a deep connection to the music I pump. It doesn’t matter to me if the club is packed or there are only 5 people there and only one of those people are on the floor. I beat it for that one person who feels the connection.  

MzHouse Diva:  How did you get into producing?

I have heard too many songs that are just awful. Case In point, a song by Divine called Jungle Jezebel. I heard the words and I was like, “you all like that?” I could do that and since I’m a creative a person I started producing songs. I consider it a blessing that I was born in this city where we live and breathe the House Music, genre.

MzHouse Diva:  When you aren’t busy djing and producing; what do you like to do in your free time?

In my spare time I spend time with my family or I go to the movies. I love movies.  My favorite movies of all time are Half-Baked and It's All Gone Pete Tong. The movie, "It's All Gone Pete Tong" is about a dj that brought house music to London.

MzHouse Diva:  What was the best advice that was given to you?

Farley told me if a person put your name on something, then they have to pay you. Ever since, if my name is on something I get paid. It seems elementary, but when you’re young sometimes you only want to be known so you can be used in a lot of ways. As you mature in this business, you begin to understand that everything has a price and your name has the highest price of all.

MzHouse Diva: What is your most memorable moment in your career?

That’s easy. I went to Hillcrest High School with a guy named Jamo Holloway and he would always tell people that Lolita Holloway was his mom. We didn’t believe him because she was a famous House music singer. One night I did a set at his house and I was banging it. I played Hit and Run, which happens to be my orgasm song. At the end of the night, none other than Ms.Loleatta Holloway walked down the stairs in a robe and he said to me, “You beat that”. She paid me and drove me home. I was in heaven. That is still my most proud moment. Another moment was when I was at WBMX radio station and Farley stopped everything and found my record,” Essence of a Dream” and played it. Farley help break that record. Farley was the first to do a break on that record. Also, I’ve had grandparents that brought their kids to see me. I’ve been blessed to have such moments like this.

MzHouse Diva: You’ve played all around the globe. Are there any favorite destinations/venues that you look forward to going back to?

Some of my favorite destinations are Ibiza, Tokyo and Berlin. In Berlin the after party is a figure of speech. There is always an after party, it’s unbelievable there. I played Darryl Pandy and I gave it to them hard and they went bananas. I always rep Chicago to the fullest. In Zurich, I would be still playing at 6:00a.m. and people were still trying to get in. Just unbelievable.

MzHouse Diva: How different is the house scene in other countries compared to Chicago?

There are many reasons why it’s different and I believe that videos have messed us up. Everyone wants to be a dj now. When making a movie someone has to be the director, lead actor, producer, and editor to make a good movie. People need to know their place; everyone can’t be a dj.

MzHouse Diva:  Who are some of the artists in the music industry, you would like to work with in the future if given the opportunity?

Timing is an issue, but I would like to work with Mike Dunn, Glenn Underground, Peven Everett, Marshall Jefferson, Ron Trent, and Frankie Knuckles; just to name a few.

MzHouse Diva:  What are your thoughts on vinyl verses the mixing software?

All I care about is how it sounds. To be honest, I’m too old to be carrying around a box filled with vinyl records. I appreciate and have adapted to the technology. Besides, I lost records three times to flood damage.

MzHouse Diva:  If you could change one thing about the house music industry, what would it be?

First, everyone stop trying to be a dj. Let’s put our parties back in the clubs. Stop having free parties. People pay for every other mode of entertainment. Within our circle of fellow dj’s, we should have more accolades. In fact, this should be a category in the music awards .

MzHouse Diva: There is alot of young fresh talent out there waiting to be discovered.  What do they have to do for getting recognized and promoted?

It is very important to respect the culture and the ones that came before you. There is no right to be here but rather a privilege to be here. They should be humble. I still say please and thank you.

MzHouse Diva:  What do you see in the future of house music?

I would like to see more women in the house industry.  I would also like more feelings and creativity put into the music. More lyrics over tight beats instead of just fast paced tracks.

MzHouse Diva:  Have you any plans (personal or business) that you can share with us about your future plans or goals?

I am relaunching Tech Soul and starting my new label K Klassics. I also just got picked up with two agencies overseas.

*Follow the links below to get a taste of the K'Alexi Shelby House Experience*

I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. It’s been a pleasure. Peace.Love..House

 #MzHouse Diva

K' Alexi Shelby Bring's U K Klassik & TecSoul BANG 2

K' Alexi Shelby Bring's U K Klassik & TecSoul BANG 2

Mr. K 'Alexi Shelby aKa El Chocalata=Deepness KA 3

Mr. K 'Alexi Shelby aKa El Chocalata=Deepness KA 3

Kelly Wainwright - Inner circle - (Mr K Alexi Shelby 5k Mix) - Murge Rec...

Mr. K' Alexi Shelby Talks Facts / Ruff Mix

Mr. K' Alexi Shelby Talks Facts / Ruff Mix

Mr. K Alexi Shelby - The Dream

Mind Control Music M C M- K Alexi Shelby Rhythm Beat Records

K.Alexi Shelby - Vertigo 1989

K Alexi/ Don't Cha Want It

K'Alexi Shelby/ Risque III Essence of a dream

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Tomorrow Exclusive Interview with The Legendary K'Alexi Shelby

To all my Lost in House Music Blog Fans, the much anticipated interview of the one and only Chicago's very own The Legendary K'Alexi Shelby will post tomorrow..So make sure you stop by and check it out tomorrow.Come get Lost in House Music with me..#MzHouse Diva

Kev Dot Kruz/Make Me A Believer